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How do I complete the end of module worksheets?

Watch the below video or continue for written instructions

Most of our courses have end of module worksheets that help to further your knowledge of the module’s subject matter.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

At the end of the module, click on the “Download Worksheet” option. You can either select to download in PDF or Word format (if available). If you wish to type the answers on your device we recommend downloading the Word version. If you would like to write your answers on paper then download the pdf version.


Step 2 (for those wishing to use Word)

Open the downloaded Word document and you can now enter the text into the answer boxes provided.

Step 3 (for those wishing to write their answers down)

Open the pdf download and print out the worksheet. You can now write your answers directly onto your printed out sheet.

Do all courses have end of module worksheets?
No, not all courses have this feature.

Do I have to send the worksheets in to be marked?
No, the worksheets are self-assessed. You are expected to use the knowledge gained from the module in addition to your own initiative to complete these worksheets. You will find suggested answers and help at the end of the worksheet.

Do I have to print out the worksheets?
No, if you have access to Microsoft Word you can complete the worksheets within the program.

Do all courses have both the Word and pdf versions available?
No, some courses only have the pdf versions available at this time.

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